American Local History Network, Inc.
Emergency Election and Meeting
February 18, 2000
Due to the resignation of board member Carl Kirton and the pending resignation of board chairperson, Debbie Axtman, an emergency election was called  by Debbie Axtman,  for nominations of  eight replacement board members.  Nominations were accepted from the subscribers of the ALHN mailing list, who nominated eight persons each.   Votes would be accepted for a period of twenty-four hours, ending at 10:00 eastern standard time on February 19, 2000.

At the end of the deadline the votes were tallied and the results announced by Chairperson Debbie Axtman on the ALHN mailing list:

Official Results of the Special Election  to fill eight vacant directors'
positions on the  Board of Directors of the American Local History Network,
Inc. (ALHN) February 19, 2000

The following is the Election Tally in order of votes received. The names
of those who have already announced that they are declining to accept have
been marked with an asterisk (*). The top eight positions without an
asterisk (*) are hereby declared directors, their acceptance to take effect
when they  answer the Roll call at the Special Meeting of the Board of
Directors, to be called to order 15 minutes after the time of this email

Any directors-elect who do not attend the meeting will result in those
seats remaining vacant until said directors-elect signify by posting to
this list that they either accept or decline. So long as a minimum of three
directors, including myself, are in attendance at the Special Meeting, it
will be legal under the bylaws.

**Roxanne Gess Smith - 25
**Pat Sabin - 22
**Norm Vance - 20
**Dave Petersen - 20
**Tracy Putnam - 18
**Pat Neal - 18
**Barb Lavin - 16
**Jan Cortez - 13
Darilee B. - 9
Mary Lynn Ellis - 7
Vicki Wilson - 6
Eveline Crocker - 5
Carl K. - 4
Carole Hammett - 4 (declined)
Allen Richmond - 4
Debbie A. - 3 (declined)
Clayton B. - 3 (declined)
Lucy - 3 (board member)
Mary Floy - 3
Tammy Altman - 3
Cindy Johnson - 2
Wally G. - 2
Jim Powell - 2
Robin Helman - 2
Patrick Hays - 2
Tracy Kleekamp - 2
Suzy Q - 2
Leigh Smith - 1
Bonnie McViccar-Briggs - 1
Bill Oliver - 1
Pvt. Church - 1

Debbie Axtman, Director
American Local History Network, Inc. (ALHN)

Meeting of February 19, 2000

Following the announcement, a meeting was held on the mailing list for the purpose of electing a board president and for accepting, with great regret, the resignation of Debbie Axtman.

Present:  Debbie Axtman, Lucy Dill, Roxann Gess-Smith, Norm Vance, Tracy Putnam, David Peterson, Pat Sabin, Jan Cortez, Pat Neal.

The nomination was made Lucy Dill for Roxann Gess-Smith as President. It was seconded by Jan Cortez.  Roxann Gess-Smith was elected.

The next meeting was set for the evening of February 20, 2000 at 9:00 ET.

The meeting adjourned approximately 12:45 a.m. eastern time.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pat Sabin
Board Member