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Year 2005 Elections

12/2005 Director's Elections (5)

Year 2002 Elections

01/10/2002 Final Bylaws Language (scheduled for no later than this date)

01/10/2002 Directors' Election (scheduled for no later than this date)

Year 2001 Elections

1/07/2001 Director's Elections (7)

01/31/2001 Bylaws Committee Members Election (5)

07/10/2001 States Webmaster Election

00/00/2001 State Sites Bylaws Language (expected)

[Additional Bylaws Language will be added here as it is passed from Committee]

Year 2000 Elections

02/19/2000 Directors' Election (8)

04/22/2000 Director's Election (1)

04/26/2000 Emergency Preamble Bylaws Amendment

05/05/2000 Bylaws Amendment (7 authorized directors)

05/08/2000 Directors' Elections (4)

08/02/2000 Directors' Elections (2)  (minutes are missing)

08/17/2000 Election to recall Director Eveline Crocker

08/26/2000-09/12/2000 Webringmaster and States and Topic Webmaster Elections

10/16/2000 Director's Elections (1)

10/24/2000 Links/Logo Bylaws Language

10/26/2000 Query Board Bylaws Language

10/28/2000 Oath of Office language

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