ALHN Help Page

Welcome to the ALHN Help Page. The purpose of this page is to provide help with your ALHN pages. If you have some helpful hints please contact the webmaster. We are always welcoming new ideas or tips for the masters and newbies.

If you are joining ALHN and have no idea where to begin. You came to the right spot.

Here's what you do:

1) Join the ALHN mailing list at
Please put subscribe in your subject line and body. All ALHN webmasters are asked to join. This is the "general population" list. All ALHN webmasters and ALHN members may join this list. All topics EXCEPT anything needing member approval are discussed on this list.

2)Join the ALHN voting mailing list
With both mailing lists please fill out your profile. Your membership WILL not be approved unless you do. If you wish to be a VOTING member of ALHN please join this list. Without joining this list you will not be a voting member of ALHN. This is an announce list for  issues needing member approval  and where all the elections take place .

3)Apply for and acquire your URL for your site.
You can either apply for your site at one of the many free servers or you could apply for space at The decision is yours.

A URL is the address of your site. The Main webmaster can't locate your site to the main page, if your site is a topic or state. If your site is a county, or township, please send the URL to the appropriate State Coordinator

4)Look for graphics you would like to put on your website
To do this go to the many search engines and type in your graphic search.
Ex: Memorial Day+graphics. Most Graphic sites are free. Please follow the appropriate rules for the website where you capture the graphics. We don't want you accused of ANY copyright violations.

5)Designing your website
For many this may be the most difficult or the easiest.
How you design the website is up to you. However, if you are designing a web page to be linked into the ALHN network, it MUST be family oriented. Any and all sites with inappropriate material will be delinked from ALHN.

If you are providing original material wonderful!!! We welcome and encourage all raw material. If you are putting copyrighted materials on-line, please be aware of the copyright laws. Anything in the late 1920's is NOT free of copyright restrictions.

The only exception to this is obtaining the permission of the author OR publisher. Also, if the material you are wanting to put on-line is a reprint. The reprint is ok to do as long as 1) the reprint is redoing material already out of copyright 2) you DO NOT put any NEW material put in the reprint on-line.

6)Uploading your page(s):
FTPing (FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL). For most servers the only way to upload (putting your information on the web) to the web is through FTP. Some sites, such as Yahoo's Geocities, use other ways as well but these servers are very few.

Please follow the directions they give you for the uploading
Before you begin click new - this will give you a clean space to enter your information

a) Profile Name:
Most FTP's you can name your site. Simply put if your site is Berks County Pa. You may want to type in the profile space Berks County PA. Any name will do. You may put in ALHN if you choose. Whatever, you decide to put, make it something you will remember easily. This is just something saved in your computer, no one else will see this. It is for your convience

b) Host Name/Address:
Please use the information provided with your conformation. The FTP address may not be the same thing as the site address. For example: the address may be, but the FTP address is . This address is VITAL to your upload. If it is not typed in correctly your FTP WILL NOT work.

c) Host Type:
generally people use Automatic detect or UNIX. Either is fine. The conformation you receive may or may not tell you where to set it. If they don't Automatic Detect IS the default. Let it stay as is.

d) User ID:
This is provided for you when you receive your conformation. If you are using USGenNet they will give you the USER ID. If you are using another server such as Xoom or Geocities, the USER ID is your MEMBERS NAME. If this is typed in wrong you will not be able to access the site. MAKE sure you have it typed in correctly. For example: if your member name is gold, and it is spelled JUST LIKE THAT, you will need to type in gold as you typed it. The FTP is CaSe SenSiTiVe.

e) Password
Please type in your password exactly as it appears in your conformation, or you typed in when you signed up for membership. Without it you don't get in. Again FTP is CaSe SeNsiTiVe. If you are using a site where you have to sign up and give a site password try to supply one which will be easy for you to remember but hard to crack. EX:0!JeSSean . Some sites are specific - only so many characters and no punctuation marks. In any case the object is to make it difficult to enter your site. WRITE YOUR PASSWORD DOWN.

Happy FTPing!!!!

Thank you for joining ALHN!!!

You are the visitor.