So, you're interested in adopting a state. Hopefully, this page will answer any questions you might have. If you have any suggestions that might be of help on this page, please let us know.


  1. A love of history and genealogy, and a willingness to share information on a web site.

  2. The ability to create web pages or work with those who can help you learn this.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the mission and the purpose of the project. For more information on the American Local History Network, Inc. (ALHN, Inc.), please visit the national website at You will want to visit the Mission page as well as the About ALHN page.


We have a few requirements for State, County, TOPIC and Town webmasters for their pages.

  1. You can obtain your own web space. You are free to get web space from whomever you choose. There are many sites to choose from that offer many different levels of web site building from simple, no ftp sites like Google or Joomla to the many domain and web hosting sites….some are free, some aren’t. We can also suggest different programs that will help you in creating your web site.

  2. State Web Managers must provide a link back to the ALHN National Page

  3. County & town site volunteers should provide a link to their State Page. Topic pages listed on must also provide reciprocal links

  4. You may obtain a national logo provided on the ALHN Graphics page.

  5. Your site must contain some original content and not be a page primarily of links.

  6. You must respect copyright law. If you have any questions regarding copyright, please see U.S. Copyright Office or join the mail list at

  7. All web pages must user friendly and shall not have objectionable or indecent data or photo’s.

  8. Other than these above listed requirements, these are independent sites and therefore are yours to create and maintain. We ask that you maintain your site with routine updates and information. Keep your site active. Provide new information on a routine basis….after all, that’s what you’ve volunteered to do.

  9. Once you have decided to adopt a State, please get in touch with the ALHN Board of Directors as listed at  If you are interested in adopting a county, please get in touch with the appropriate state webmaster.

  10. Read about the ALHN Legacy program. Should you decide to leave ALHN for any reason we have the means to preserve your work within ALHN archives. In these archives it will remain within the incorporation of ALHN permanently.

  11. Make yourself familiar with the bylaws and standing rules. These are the rules by which ALHN operates.


When subscribing to the lists below type the word subscribe in the body of the email. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription.

As a state, county, topic or town webmaster affiliated with ALHN, you will want to be on the ALHN-General mailing list. All ALHN volunteers are eligible to join this list but it is only for ALHN volunteers. This is the list in which we share ideas, information, tech support and whatever else we can do to help out our volunteers.

To subscribe, email:


All ALHN webmasters are not voting members of ALHN, Inc. To become a voting member and have a say in the running of the corporation, you must request membership by subscribing to the ALHN membership-voting list. To sign up for the ALHN Voting Membership List, which is used only for official announcements and polls.

To subscribe:  Please include your site address and your email address in your request.

------------------------------- is the mail list in which Board meeting are conducted. All ALHN members may observe Board Meetings and can address the Board during any meeting with concerns given permission from the Board.